Highest Paying Welding Jobs in 2023 – Unlocking the Career Opportunities in Welding Industry

Highest Paying Welding Jobs

Are you a person with a knack for working with your hands and a passion for precision? Then, welding is the perfect career path for you! It’s a technique where the profession meets the art to create wonders. Welding is not just about metal and art; instead, many highest paying welding jobs promise substantial financial rewards.

It’s a high-demand profession and comes with diverse opportunities. But how can you choose the most lucrative and highest paying welding job opportunity among all these?

Don’t worry, as in this article, we are going to delve into the realm of highest paying welding jobs. We’ll answer questions like “How much do welders make?” and “What job pays the most?”. You’ll also get insight into how much welders make in different regions and roles.

Put on your welding helmet and dive with us!

How Much Do Welders Make?

How Much Do Welders Make

The first question you must tackle before choosing any profession is knowing about the income potential. Therefore, let’s first discuss the typical earnings of welders before we make our further move. Welding is the spark of various industries; without it, those industries are zero. Therefore, this career pays you well, though not in the beginning.

Average beginner welders usually earn $40,000 to $50,000 annually. But this is where experienced ones earn more than $200K per year. So, what makes this difference in earnings for workers in the same field?

There are a lot of factors that influence the average earning of a welder. If you want to enter this field and earn more, consider the following factors seriously.

Certifications and Qualifications

The highest-paid welders usually possess more certifications and have a solid educational background. By certifications, we don’t mean just the numbers. These show the experience and effort of the welder that he had put into learning. Those who earn more than others spend their time and a lot of energy learning and practising this skill.

To be among the highest-paid welders, consider spending money on learning and getting certifications. There are a lot of welding schools that turn a beginner into a professional. We have also curated a list of the best welding schools for you. Go check and find which school an be the best option for you to join. You can earn big bucks in the welding field only after getting experience and more certifications.


After getting the proper certifications, you still can’t earn your dream paycheck in the welding industry. The reason is that you have to gain experience in your relative niche. Don’t expect high for 3 to 5 years in this field. If you want to earn your dream salary in welding, don’t complain and spend your initial years learning and gaining experience.

We assure you that you can pursue your dream career and get your dream paycheck. Keep updating your certifications and improve your skills every day to make you top-earning welders because not everyone can do it!


Welders who get their dream salaries know where they should work for this. So, even with many certifications and experience, you still can’t land your dream paycheck in welding if you aren’t working at a location where you can get it. Welding requires travelling. To fulfil the demands of your chosen specialized welding niche, you have to spend weeks and months on your job location.

For example, if you are an underwater welder, you may have to spend weeks repairing the pipelines. You gain by losing something. So, to gain more bucks, lose some of your hours travelling!

Job Location

The location of a welding job also decides the salary of the welder. Certain regions offer more welders as compared to others. For example, metropolitan areas have a high demand for skilled welders. Therefore, welders typically get more salaries in these regions. So, figure out where to get your dream paycheck before landing the job.

This might be daunting; therefore, we are here to help you. Check out our blog section and read the article about the highest paying welding jobs locations.

What Are the Highest Paying Welding Jobs?

As we mentioned earlier, welding gives you many opportunities to earn. You can choose the best one to live comfortably while enjoying your passion. We’re going to discuss some of the highest paying welding jobs in detail. Pay attention to learning. Let’s start!

What Are the Highest Paying Welding Jobs

Offshore Welding Jobs: Tackling Challenges at Sea

Offshore welding is an enriching career for professional and experienced welders. Welders must work on oil rigs and vessels in the middle of the sea. Although it’s a hazardous and demanding job, it is a lucrative opportunity for welders who want high salary incentives and compensation.

Duties and Responsibilities

Offshore welders are responsible for the structural integrity and safety of offshore installations. This is a critical task and involves the following duties:

  • Welding and Fabrication:

Offshore welding involves the fabrication of metal components in the construction, maintenance, and repair of offshore structures. This involves various welding techniques, including TIG welding and MIG welding. Offshore welders use these techniques to join the metals to create sturdy connections.

  • Inspection and Repair:

Offshore welders are responsible for regular inspections to identify potential weaknesses and defects. The welders use non-destructive testing, visual inspection, and other assessment methods to search the areas that require repair and reinforcement.

  • Underwater Welding:

Offshore welders also sometimes require to perform underwater welding. This technique involves welding in submerged conditions and is used for repairing under the water’s surface. Underwater welders use dry and wet welding techniques for this purpose. Are you interested to learn more about underwater welding? Visit our site to know in depth about this welding technique!

  • Adherence to Safety Standards:

Offshore welders work in remote and harsh marine environments. This is inherently dangerous and requires welders to adhere to strict safety protocols for their safety and to prevent accidents.

Earning Potential and Benefits

Since offshore welding is a challenging job, it offers excellent earning potential. The salaries of offshore welders also depend upon experience and certifications, but salaries in this niche are significantly higher than the onshore welding jobs.

Offshore welders can earn an average of $70K to $100K annually. Moreover, many companies attract and retain skilled offshore welders by offering them several additional benefits. Following are some of those benefits:

  • Housing and Living Allowances:

Companies provide free housing and living allowance to offshore welders as they have to work on the rigs for extended periods. The allowance covers the daily expenses of the welders.

  • Transportation:

Offshore welders also get free transportation to and from the job locations of the company. The company can provide boats or helicopters to carry the welders safely from offshore job locations.

  • Rotational Work Schedule:

Offshore welding works on a rotational schedule. It means it allows the welders to spend specific weeks working on offshore locations and equal time on the onshore locations. Thus, workers can spend quality time with their families and balance their work life with the family.

  • Insurance and Retirement Plans:

Companies also offer health insurance and retirement plans to offshore welders. These plans ensure the well-being of workers.

Major Companies Hiring Offshore Welders

There are several renowned oil and gas companies as well as marine construction companies, that hire offshore welders for the completion of their projects. We have curated a list of some of those companies. Here it goes:

  • BP (British Petroleum):

It is a global energy company that hires offshore welders for their operations. BP provides high-paying opportunities to skilled welders to work on rigs and platforms.

  • Shell:

Shell is a prominent player in the oil and gas industry. It operates various offshore facilities and gives opportunities to qualified welders to prove their skills.

  • Chevron:

Chevron is an oil and gas company. It offers opportunities for offshore welders to work on its vessels in the middle of the sea.

  • Transocean:

It is a leading offshore drilling company. Offshore welders can land jobs in this company working on various drilling rigs.

Underwater Welding Jobs: Diving into Lucrative Depths

Underwater or hyperbaric welding is a challenging career that demands welders join metal pieces submerged in the water. We have discussed underwater welding in detail in a separate article. You can learn in-depth about this welding skill there. In this article, we will discuss this in short.

Duties and Responsibilities of Underwater Welders

Underwater welders are responsible for the safety and integrity of submerged structures. The following are some general duties of an underwater welder:

  • Welding and Cutting:

Underwater welders perform wet and dry welding for joining and repairing the metal components under the surface of water. They perform wet welding, which is carried out directly under water and dry welding, which is performed in a dry chamber. This chamber is used for welding under the water’s surface.

  • Inspection and Assessment:

Underwater welders are also responsible for inspecting structures to identify the areas that require maintenance.

  • Cleaning and Prepping:

They prepare the metal surface for welding adhesion. This involves the removal of marine growth, rust, and debris.

  • Safety Measures:

Underwater welding is inherently a risky job; therefore, safety is paramount. The welders should strictly adhere to the safety protocols to avoid decompression sickness and equipment failure.

Earning Potential and Benefits

Underwater welding is an attractive career choice for skilled welders who want high financial incentives. Underwater welders can earn $40K to $150K annually. Several factors decide the high salary in underwater welding. Expert welders with more experience tend to earn more.

Many underwater welding companies offer additional benefits to welders that include:

  • Travel Opportunities:

Underwater welding projects are present all around the world. Therefore, underwater welders or divers can travel and work in several locations.

  • Per Diems and Allowances:

Most companies provide diems and allowances to underwater welders to cover the expenses related to travel, lodging, and food during the project deployments.

  • Health and Life Insurance:

Many companies provide health and life insurance packages for the well-being of underwater welders.

  • Career Growth:

Experienced underwater welders can advance into supervisory roles such as project management. They can also place themselves in various specialized niches within the field. Thus, there are several opportunities for career growth and higher salaries.

Major Hiring Companies

Following are some major hiring companies that hire skilled divers and underwater welders:

  • Oceaneering International
  • Subsea 7
  • McDermott International
  • TechnipFMC
  • Saipem

Aerospace Welding Jobs: Reaching for Skies

Aerospace welding plays an essential role in aviation and space exploration. Aerospace welders fabricate and repair different components of rockets, satellites, and other aerospace vehicles. They ensure the highest level of safety and structural integrity of aerospace vehicles during extreme flight and space travel conditions.

Aerospace Welding Jobs

Aerospace welding is among the most challenging and highly rewarding careers that demand exceptional craftsmanship. Let’s see what it requires to be an aerospace welder and how much an aerospace welder can earn:

Salaries, Advancements, and Opportunities

Since aerospace welding involves high stakes and specialized welding skills, therefore it offers attractive compensation packages. The salaries in this industry depend upon the expertise level, experience, and geographical location of the job. An average aerospace welder can earn $60K to $90K annually. Experienced aerospace welders with a proven track record of their experience can earn as much as they want.

The specific certifications in aerospace welding increase the earning potential of welders. There are several advancement opportunities in aerospace welding for skilled welders. They can move up to supervisory and management positions with experience and demonstration of their expertise. Some aerospace welders can become welding inspectors to ensure the quality of welds throughout the manufacturing process.

Meeting the Demands of Aerospace Welding

Aerospace welding is a combination of artistry and engineering precision. The welders are required to pay meticulous attention to details while welding. The tiniest imperfection in the welds can cause severe consequences during flight and space travel. This is the reason that the person who wants to be an aerospace welder should undergo extensive training along with the certifications.

Aerospace welders must be familiar with specific welding codes and standards set by regulatory bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). They must be well-informed about the latest advancements in welding technology and techniques.

Aerospace welders that ought to be successful in this industry should learn continuously and be committed to excellence.

Major Hiring Companies

Multiple aerospace companies are seeking skilled aerospace welders. It is a thriving field and creates numerous job opportunities for experienced welders. Following are some major players in the aerospace industry that hire aerospace welders:

  • Boeing:

Boeing is one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. It is renowned for designing, manufacturing, and assembly of commercial and military aircraft. This company hires aerospace welders to assemble components such as wings, fuselage, and engine parts.

  • Lockheed Martin:

Lockheed Martin operates in the aeronautics and space sector. This company specializes in advanced technology systems and plays an important role in fabricating cutting-edge aircraft and space exploration projects. For this purpose, the company hires welders from all around the world.

  • Northrop Grumman:

It is a renowned company in aerospace and defence technology. Northrop Grumman offers several job opportunities to skilled welders in its aerospace division. The company requires welders for the assembly and maintenance of aerospace products.

  • SpaceX:

SpaceX is at the forefront of the aerospace industry and is founded by Elon Musk. This company hires welders to construct and assemble rockets, capsules, and other spacecraft involved in space missions.

  • Airbus:

It is a leading manufacturer of aircraft around the world. Airbus employs aerospace welders for the construction of aircraft components.

Nuclear Welding Jobs

Nuclear welders play an essential role in the safety of nuclear facilities such as nuclear power plants and research sectors worldwide. Nuclear reactors generate high amounts of heat and radiation that are dangerous for each species. Welds are crucial to prevent any potential radioactive leaks and failures.

Nuclear welders play several tasks in nuclear installations, such as fabrication, repair, and maintenance of reactor components, pressure vessels, pipelines, and other critical infrastructure. They must follow strict safety regulations and quality standards for the safety of nuclear facilities. Have a detailed look at the opportunities that nuclear welding provides to the welders:

Compensation for Nuclear Welders

Nuclear welders are among the top-paid welding professionals. They work in sensitive environments, so their compensation reflects the responsibilities and expertise associated with their work. Nuclear welders earn significantly more than welders in conventional welding fields.

A nuclear welder earns $80K to $150K annually. The salaries of nuclear welders also depend on experience and the type of project. Nuclear welders with advanced certifications and experience of more than 7 years can also earn more than $150K annually.

Specialized Training for Nuclear Welding

Nuclear welders are required to be well-trained and highly expert. They must undergo rigorous and specialized training for working in nuclear facilities that require the highest levels of safety. The specialized training makes them capable of performing their duty with high precision and accuracy.

Nuclear welders must complete welding certification programs accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS) to enter this field. Moreover, the welders must have specific qualifications such as Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) certification according to the nuclear industry standards.

Additionally, nuclear welders must update their knowledge and skills continuously. They must be aware of advance nuclear safety protocols. They must be in continuous training to remain competent and qualified.

Major Hiring Companies

Nuclear welding companies value skills and certifications in nuclear welding. Their main focus is the safety and reliability of nuclear installations, which can be ensured only by experts and knowledgeable welders. Following are some companies that hire nuclear welders for their various projects:

  • Westinghouse Electric Company:
  • General Electric (GE):
  • Bechtel:
  • Fluor Corporation:
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Pipeline Welding Jobs: Connecting the World

Pipeline welding is crucial in safely delivering natural gas and oil to homes and industries. Pipeline welders are the unsung heroes who work behind the curtains to ensure the safety of pipelines. The leaks in pipelines can have disastrous consequences for public safety and the environment. There come our heroes that prevent the potential hazards through their welds.

Pipeline Welding Jobs

Let’s see what it requires to be a pipeline welder!

Earnings in the Pipeline Industry

Pipeline welding has high earning potential due to its high-risk projects. Pipeline welders are in high demand, and companies provide competitive compensation packages. The exact earnings of pipeline welders depend upon several factors. On average, they can earn $60K to $80K annually. While skilled welders with specific certifications and a proven record of successful projects can earn more than $100K annually.

Many companies provide travelling allowances and health insurance to their welders. Pipeline welders enjoy job security along with lucrative earnings. Experienced pipeline welders can achieve supervisory roles and can become welding inspectors too.

Major Hiring Companies

Following are some reputable companies that hire pipeline welders for a diverse range of projects:

  • TransCanada:

TransCanada, or TC, is a renowned company that is involved in the construction and operation of natural gas and oil pipelines across North America. It hires welders globally with high financial incentives.

  • Enbridge:

Enbridge operates in the United States and Canada for the transportation of energy. There are vast job opportunities present in this company.

  • Kinder Morgan:

Kinder Morgan operates an extensive energy transportation network across North America. The company hires skilled welders with specific certifications in pipeline welding.

  • Williams Companies:

Williams is a significant player in the natural gas transmission industry. These companies offer vast opportunities for pipeline welders in various locations.

  • Plains All American Pipeline:

All American Pipeline focuses on crude oil and natural gas liquids pipelines. As a pipeline welder, you can make your way to achieve your dream paycheck at this company.

Rig Welding Jobs: High Risk, High Reward

Rig Welding jobs are the most sought-after positions offering substantial earning potential and unique challenges. Rig welders weld and fabricate the metal structures on oil rigs and drilling platforms. There are a lot of lucrative opportunities for highly skilled welders in this field. It’s an exciting but demanding career path for welders.

Rig Welding Jobs

Rig welders work in both offshore and onshore locations. Following are the responsibilities of a rig welder:

  • Reading and interpreting blueprints and welding specifications
  • Fabricating and welding metal components for rig structures
  • Ensuring weld quality and adherence to safety standards
  • Performing inspections and repairs on existing rig equipment
  • Collaborating with other skilled tradespeople on rig projects

Salaries/earnings in Rig Welding

Rig welding is a demanding and risky job with several financial substantial. Due to the risks, several companies offer additional incentives to the welders, including free residence in the job area, travelling allowances, health insurance, and job security.

The salaries in rig welding depend upon how experienced a welder is and where he is working. A rig welder makes $50K to $210K annually. Welders with more certifications and years of experience can also exceed this earnings limit.

Major Hiring Companies: How to Find Rig Welding Job?

Following are some companies that hire rig welders for their several projects:

  • Chevron
  • Halliburton
  • Schlumberger
  • Transocean
  • ExxonMobil

Welding Jobs by State: Opportunities and Earnings

Let’s explore the highest paying welding jobs available by State. Read it carefully to prepare your resume for the most suitable State for you:

Welding Jobs in California

California offers a plethora of golden opportunities for welders around the world. This State is home to countless construction projects, manufacturing facilities, and shipyards. There is a continuous demand for skilled welders in different industries. Following are some industries that offer welding jobs to the welders:

  • Booming Construction Industry: Welders require to repair bridges
  • Maritime and Shipbuilding: Welders require to work on ships, oil rigs, and marine structures
  • Aerospace and Defense: Welders for aviation and defence projects
  • Film and Entertainment Industry: Opportunities for welders to create unique props and structures

California has a high cost of living and strong demand for skilled workers. Welders here can earn $60K to $100K annually. Welders with certifications and significant experience can earn even higher salaries, sometimes exceeding $100K per year.

Welding Jobs in Texas

It is the second largest State in the US and provides wealth opportunities for welders. Texas provides Lone Star Career welders who are seeking well-paying jobs. Following are some sectors that require welders in Texas:

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Agriculture and Machinery

Texas offers competitive wages to welders. On average, the welders in Texas earn $50K to $110K per year. Experienced welders with specialized skills can earn higher salaries than these.

Final Verdict: Is Welding a Good Career Choice?

Welding offers multiple career opportunities with high financial substantial and incentives. Although this journey requires dedication, skill development, and uncalled challenges, the rewards are worth it. Welders can earn more than in any other profession with that much effort.

Now the question is; is welding a good career choice? If you want to pursue welding, you must remember that you can earn well only when you invest your time and money in gaining skills and certifications.

Welding might be your golden ticket to success if you’re ready to embrace a career that requires skill and passion but returns you to financial prosperity.

Happy welding!

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