7 Best Welding Gloves for MIG, TIG, Stick in 2023

Best Welding Gloves

Welding produces heat up to 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It may exceed your welding conditions. The closest to the welding equipment is your hands, so you need to cover your hands for protection. Best welding gloves are always recommended to welders to keep them safe in case of burns or inflammation.

A pair of suitable welding gloves ensure the safety of your hands, wrists, and arms. Welding gloves are available with most machines in an extra accessory kit. Make sure they come with your purchase, or you must buy them separately.

Protecting your hands from the excess heat of TIG, MIG or stick welding is crucial. We have compiled some welding glove reviews for you. Going through them will make you understand their importance, and you can buy a pair of the best welding gloves.

Best Welding Gloves Reviews – Our Top 7 Picks

Comparison Table

Image  Name Weight Built Material Price
Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves ‎12.2 ounces Leather made Check Price
RAPICCA Welding Gloves ‎15 ounces Insulated Cotton Check Price
Kim Yuan Leather Welding Gloves ‎11.5 ounces Leather made Check Price
Caiman 21-Inch American Deerskin Welding Glove 1 Pound Leather and Deerskin Check Price
Revco GM1611 Top Grain Welding Gloves ‎0.01 ounces Cowhide Check Price
YESWELDER 12 Inches Welding Gloves ‎7 ounces Grain Leather Check Price
Miller Electric MIG Welding Gloves 10.41 Ounces Pig Split Leather Check Price

01. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

Best Welding Gloves Overall


Lincoln Electric Traditional Welding Gloves

4.7 Welding Pub rating

Lincoln Electric all-purpose welding gloves are made of split cowhide which is heat and flame resistant for all sorts of welding. The premium leather with a soft cotton lining makes them perfect for surviving daily exposure to heat, flames, splatter, or sparks.

Lincoln Electric gloves include welded seams for increased durability. Kevlar stitching makes them durable and trustworthy, while sock lining provides extra comfort. Glove life is also extended with an additional thumb pad in high-wear areas. The crimson flame design on the black split cowhide gives the gloves a perfect look.

Lincoln Electric’s traditional MIG welding gloves have improved fingertip sensitivity. Thanks to a full sock lining and a straight thumb, which is 5 Inches long. The cuffs have a beautiful flaming red pattern, and they protect wrists and arms from molten metal flakes, cuts, bruises, cookware heat, metal heat, electricity, and harsh project conditions. Traditional welding gloves are made to bear the heat and protect the skin in high temperatures.

The design of the glove includes a high-quality leather surface and leather-reinforced stress areas. The straight thumb shape and soft cotton hand liner improve comfort and fingertip sensitivity. A twill cotton lining that absorbs moisture while worn lines the cuff’s inside.

Daily, skilled fabricators employ this glove model. They are recommended for use in high-temperature situations while Stick welding, MIG welding, flux-core welding, etc. They are durable and easy to wear. An ideal choice for cookware and campings as well. You can use them for various purposes besides welding, grilling, cooking, etc.

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG & Stick Welding Gloves

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to wear
  • Wrists protection
  • Flame and heat resistant


  • It cannot be used for TIG welding


  • Radiant heat resistant
  • 12.2 ounces Weight
  • Color: Red and Black
  • Amperage range: 25-300 Amp
  • Used for Stick and MIG welding
  • Split leather manufacture
  • Cotton liner
  • Kevlar stitching

02. RAPICCA Heat/Fire Resistant Leather Welding Gloves

Welder’s Favorite Gloves


RAPICCA Welding Gloves

4.6 Welding Pub rating

RAPICCA heavy-duty gloves protect your hands whether you’re welding a damaged piece of machinery back together, grilling, making a campfire, or removing wood or coal from your furnace.

RAPICCA heavy-duty gloves are made to defend you from your fingertip to your forearms. The gloves inside have a quality soft cotton lining, which is also sweat absorbent. This lining is stitched to give you heat resistance with softness.

Rapicca Leather Welding Gloves can bear extremely high temperatures like up to 932°F or 500°C. The 16-inch extra-long glove protects your forearms with a 7.5-inch-long sleeve from cutting debris, hot coals, welding sparks, open flames, heated kitchenware, and hot steam, even in harsh situations. The Reinforced Kevlar shielding on these blue gloves’ fingers, palms and backs provides the highest flame protection.

These gloves are ideal for handling high heat hazard jobs as they are challenging to wear. The strong, soft shoulder split cowhide leather makes gloves perfect for welding, gripping hot objects, and more. The material is carefully chosen for heat, oil, puncture, fire, and cut resistance. A plus is that they are not very costly.

These sturdy gloves will last for a very long time. You can wear them in conditions like picking burning coal or wood and heating the oven or cookware. They are also ideal for handling dogs, cats, and birds. They provide you with protection from animal bites. You can also wear them for gardening and working in fireplaces.

RAPICCA Welding Gloves

Pros & Cons


  • Finger shields
  • Best for grilling, welding, and cookware
  • Double Kevlar padding
  • Excess heat protection up to 932°F


  • Less heat protection


  • Double reinforced leather
  • 15 ounces Weight
  • Colour: Blue and Yellow
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Aluminum insulation
  • Withstand: 500°C heat
  • 7.5 inches long sleeve
  • Used for Stick, MIG and Flux core welding
  • Flame insulated liner

03. Kim Yuan Extreme Welding Gloves

Best Budget Welding Gloves


Kim Yuan Leather Welding Gloves

4.6 Welding Pub rating

Kik Yuan Welding gloves are made from carefully chosen premium cow leather. The fabric is cosy, breathable, and sweat-absorbent by nature.

Kevlar thread stitching guarantees your safety by enduring the scorching heat. The gloves have double-layer palms, which make them heat and flame-resistant. There is reinforced shielding on the backs of the gloves. They are 14 and 16-inch extra-long to protect your fingertips and your forearm.

The high-quality cow leather is 1.0mm to 1.2mm thick. It is soft, flexible, and has a reasonable oil, cut, heat and puncture resistance level. Thus, it might significantly increase your work productivity. These gloves perform exceptionally well in heavy-duty welding, gripping hot objects like ovens and cookware, and lighting coal or wood. They are made of incredibly thick cowhide leather, allowing them to withstand temperatures up to 662 °F.

Using Kevlar thread makes them more heat-resistant than conventional heat-resistant gloves. The stitches are less likely to break, making them ideal for high-temperature work. Hands are padded with a reinforced palm when handling heavy or pointy things. Your forearms are protected from molten metal sparks, grinding, scorching coals, hot cookware, open flames, heated kitchenware, and extremely high-temperature steam.

These gloves are great for handling animals or grilling with a denim jean cuff and 100% soft sweat-absorbent cotton lining. They also provide fireproof thermal protection. As MIG welding machines produce excess heat, this pair of suitable welding gloves with insulating features helps you from hazards a lot.

Pros & Cons


  • Flexible fingers
  • Tidy & Durable
  • Best insulation properties
  • Used for cutting, welding and grilling


  • Not suitable for very high heat exposures


  • Cow leather
  • 10.5 ounces Weight
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Soft cotton lining
  • Withstands: 662° Fahrenheit
  • MIG welding gloves
  • Colour: Black
  • Shade range: 5-13
  • Length: 14 inches

04. Caiman 21-Inch One Size Fits American Deerskin Welding Glove

Professional’s Pick


Caiman 21-Inch Welding Glove

4.7 Welding Pub rating

Caiman is leading the pack with the first in the industry 21″ extended 1878 MIG / Stick welding gloves. The Caiman gloves are designed with heavy-duty padding on the forearm and elbow, which provides comfort and maximum safety to the welders.

The American deerskin with Boarhide leather makes the gloves a favourite. The leather patches on the palms and cuffs provide a heat shield.

Boarhide leather with sock-lined flame-resistant cotton fleece insulation makes these gloves more ideal than comparisons. There is a 3 inches carabiner with distinctive Caiman loops on each pair to keep the gloves together. The design is an exclusive 3-Dimensional design. It has pre-curved fingers. The construction best fits welders who want comfort and agility in gloves.

Caiman gloves are used for Stick and MIG welding processes. They are elastic enough to provide easy movements. They can be washed and reused for a long time. You can not use them for TIG welding, which requires weld accuracy.

Pros & Cons


  • Long Lasting
  • Cover hands, wrists, and arms
  • Ideal heat resistance
  • Shockproof


  • Cause sweating in hands


  • Deerskin welding gloves
  • 1 Pound Weight
  • Color: Yellow, Blue
  • Leather padding
  • For Stick and MIG welding
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Cotton liner & Insulated Cuffs
  • Boarhide temperature shield
  • Length: 21 inches

05. Revco GM1611 Top Grain Leather Cowhide MIG Welding Gloves

Best Multi Process Gloves


Revco Top Grain Welding Gloves

4.7 Welding Pub rating

Revco GM1611 Leather gloves are split cowhide leather on the back and grain cowhide on the palm. These gloves have a seamless index finger and a soft cotton lining that isn’t bulky. The gloves have beautiful white and brown colours. Leather patches are on the stress points, so you will be comfortable handling excessive heat work.

The stitching is done with Kevlar thread for durability and high heat resistance. Revco welding gloves are best for avoiding heat, sparks, and slag. They are the best choice for both professionals and amateur welders. You can count on receiving high-end, durable goods. The inner of these MIG welding gloves is made of soft cotton for comfort without adding much bulk.

These gloves also reinforce where you wish them most, such as your thumbs, palms, and index fingers. A custom drag leather patch and wrist leather rest patch are also stitched in with these MIG welding gloves. The entire glove is stitched with Kevlar, which is crucial since Kevlar stitching is significantly better at withstanding heat and has higher abrasion resistance.

The gloves are flexible enough that you can pull them on your sleeves. They provide electrical insulation and keep you safe from electric shocks. Because of their length, they are durable if not exposed to heat projects for a long time. Revco MIG welding gloves are comfortable for welding, cooking, or handling animals.

Revco GM1611 Top Grain Welding Gloves

Pros & Cons


  • Not bulky
  • Heat and electricity insulation
  • Fit on sleeves


  • Size can be small


  • MIG welding gloves
  • 10.8 ounces Weight
  • Colour: Brown and white
  • Split cowhide leather
  • Cotton liner
  • Kevlar stitch
  • 5 inches cuffs
  • Length: 12 inches

06. YESWELDER 482℉ Grain Leather TIG Specific Welding Gloves

Best Value Welding Gloves


YESWELDER 12 Inches Welding Gloves

4.0 Welding Pub rating

YesWelder TIG welding gloves protect from high heat up to 572° Fahrenheit or 300° Centigrade. These gloves are made to withstand and protect from severe heat from TIG welding.

YesWelder TIG welding gloves are very comfortable because of the cotton lining and soft, premium leather texture. Your hands are covered with heavy-duty leather, even under challenging circumstances.

The stitching is done with heat-resistant Kevlar thread. The thumb and palm pads offer additional support in a critical stress area. Welders’ hands receive protection from the 7-inch sleeves on these 16-inch long welding gloves. Cowhide leather is used for long-lasting durability. The design is Wing thumbs which are strong and provide a good handhold. With these gloves, you fully grip the welding tools to produce intricate arcs and precise welds.

Due to its excellent quality and functionality, this glove may be used for various tasks other than welding, such as cutting, grilling, gardening, using a wood stove, handling an oven, or making a fireplace.

The well-known YesWelder company produces non-slip, comfortable, durable gloves for TIG welders.

YESWELDER 12 Inches Welding Gloves

Pros & Cons


  • Provide possible friction
  • Strong grip
  • Ideal for the campfire, TIG welding, and cookwares


  • The size can be large


  • TIG welding gloves
  • 7 ounces Weight
  • Color: Brown and white
  • Cowhide and white goatskin leather
  • Kevlar seaming
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Fire resistant cuffs
  • 7.5-inch cuffs
  • Withstands: 572° Fahrenheit

07. Miller Electric MIG Welding Gloves 271888

Comfortable & Affordable


Miller Electric MIG Welding Gloves

4.5 Welding Pub rating

The Miller classic MIG welding gloves’ palm, back, and cuff are made of pig-split leather. To increase durability, these gloves offer foam insulation, moisture-wicking fleece, and reinforced areas.

Miller MIG welding gloves are designed to give comfort at an affordable price. The pig splits leather on the palm, back, and cuff resists abrasion, puncture, and dampness.

The moisture-wicking fleece, foam, and reinforcing patches provide multiple layers of insulation that increase comfort and lengthen wear. The pre-curved finger design ensures maximum comfort and the best possible fit. The thumb is a Keystone Design which improves agility. Gloves’ stitching is done with flame-resistant Kevlar thread to sew the seams. It gives optimal strength to keep the parts together and protection to the welders.

Miller MIG welding gloves are 13.5 inches long. Their length is their unique feature. It makes them durable and prevents cuts, injuries, burns, and inflammation up to your forearms. They are easy to wear because of the proper design and partitions. Production welders prefer this pair of suitable welding gloves for ease and longevity.

Pros & Cons


  • Pre-curved finger design
  • Ideal protection from cuts, heat, and injuries
  • Perfect for production welders


  • Get overheated often


  • Split pigskin leather
  • 10.41 ounces Weight
  • Colour: black and white
  • Kevlar stitching
  • MIG welding gloves
  • Keystone thumb design
  • Length: 13½ inches
  • 5 inches pigskin cuffs
  • Leather palms

Material Types Of Welding Gloves

The production of welding gloves is vast. Whether Flux-cored welding gloves, TIG welding gloves, Stick welding gloves, or MIG welding gloves, they are made of leather. There are diverse types of leather. Those made of animal skins are durable, comfortable, heat-resistant, and affordable.

The type of gloves you are wearing may directly or indirectly affect how you weld.
Every material has its specification and purpose. Customers’ most preferred material is soft cotton, fleece or animal hide. Let’s see what more details we can get.

  1. Elkskin

Elkskin is the softest material in gloves as it does not get hard from overuse and overtime. You can wear them when working on intense heat projects. MIG and Stick welding projects need a pair of elkskin welding gloves because of excess heat production.

  1. Horsehide

Horsehide gloves are used for TIG welding. They are rugged and agile; like TIG welding, they are perfect for protecting your hands and wrists from molten metal flakes and high temperatures. This type of glove material is not very common.

  1. Cowhide

Most good welding gloves are made of cowhide. Cowhide items are not only comfortable but also durable, which increases their production and use. The gloves get hardened when you expose them to overheating so they are recommended for MIG and Stick Welding.

  1. Goatskin

For corrosion work like TIG welding, goatskin gloves are a perfect choice. The goatskin makes the gloves elastic and lasting. It provides comfort as it is soft and smooth in feel. While welding, a pair of goatskin gloves is nothing but comfort.

  1. Deerskin

Deerskin gloves are comfortable for MIG, Stick, and TIG welding. If you want to produce the finest weld, using deerskin gloves will make it easy for you. They are thin welding gloves that provide dexterity in welds.

Buying Guide about Good Welding Gloves

Types of Welding

It will be perfect to know what type of welding you often do. Buying the best gloves requires detailed information on what you weld and what machine you weld. There are three basic types of welding you have to be aware of.

  • TIG Welding

The most professional welding style is Tungsten Inert Gas welding. As you need optimized accuracy of welds in TIG, you need a fine quality pair of thin welding gloves to have a firm grip and precise welds.

TIG welding produces intense heat and is best for using horsehide or goatskin gloves. However, The best TIG welding gloves are mostly made of cowhide and are outstanding.

  • MIG Welding

Metal Inert Gas Welding forms a weld by creating an arc of the electrode with the help of electricity. This arc melts because of heat on the targeted surface and forms a weld.

MIG welding needs you to wear a formidable pair of suitable welding gloves. It produces molten metal flakes and heats excessively. The best MIG welding gloves are worn for a comfortable grip and skin protection.

  • Stick Welding

Heavy construction projects are done with the best welding machines. Stick welding requires more hand work than MIG and TIG welding, so you must take precautions beforehand.

The best stick welding gloves enable you to overcome the welding process’s flying metal flakes and heat production. Rugged and efficient gloves are necessary for keeping you safe from hazards.


The types of materials used to produce welding gloves have been discussed before. Knowing which material suits your needs the most makes you comfortable selecting the best welding gloves. Remember that TIG welding requires stricter gloves than MIG and Stick welding.


You buy gloves to provide heat resistance to your hands and arms. The insulation capacity of gloves depends on the material they are made of. The lining of products done with aluminum foils provides more resistance to heat. Welding gloves can cooperate with you in a specific temperature limit of up to 932° Fahrenheit.


Suitable flexible welding gloves ensure you do not worry while picking desired tools. TIG welding gloves are more flexible than MIG and Stick welding gloves. TIG welding requires a firm grip on machines for producing delicate arcs and welds. Choose a pair of gloves that are soft, smooth, and flexible. Hard and stiff gloves will do you no good in welding processes.


Most gloves are 16-20 inches long. The best welding gloves cover your wrists and forearms as well. Purchasing gloves with a long structure like Caiman 21 inches MIG welding gloves is sensible. They allow easy hand and arm movements. Regardless of benefits, welders prefer using medium size gloves. Those gloves are super easy to put on and remove while working. However, please wear longer ones to save your arms from injuries and burns.


When choosing welding gloves, always go for durable material. The longer the gloves last, the more beneficial they are. If you purchase durable gloves, be sure you have spent your money on the right product.

How to check durability?

Welding gloves with an aluminum lining, kevlar stitching, and animal hide are always durable. Kevlar stitching keeps the structure together for a long time. Leather patches on gloves are used for protection from excessive hot metals and welds. You can buy a pair like this on a low budget easily.


People with itching, inflammation, or other allergies are sensitive to most fabrics. Do not go for a fleece interior in welding gloves if you are the one. Also, too tight, rigid, or thin welding gloves do not help you like a pro. The material you think is feasible for your skin is always an ideal choice. For the exterior of gloves, the material that does not stick and melt with temperature is a good experience.

FAQs about Best Welding Gloves

You can use TIG welding gloves while MIG welding, but it is not always a good choice. MIG welding gloves are thinner to provide more heat protection, while TIG gloves are thin welding gloves to give a firmer grip on the tool. In TIG welding, precise welding is necessary, so you wear gloves that allow you complete control of the machine. MIG welding doesn’t need an accurate weld.

Cuffs in welding gloves protect wrists from heat, inflammation, injuries, and burns. Cuffs also help in keeping the gloves stuck in one place. They are applicable in fire-resisting work and exposures to radiant heat.

Kevlar has properties that resist heat and temperature. Kevlar is used to stitch gloves because it will not burn, melt or tear away with high heat exposures. In contrast, Nylon, polyester, and fleece are more prone to melt with heat.

The longer the gloves are, the better it is. You can protect your hands and arms with long gloves. A pair of suitable welding gloves 21 inches in length is a perfect choice. Also, long gloves last long and can be used for home repairs, fire hydration, and heat-exposing projects.

Most gloves prevent electricity conduction. The insulated material makes the gloves shockproof and heat resistant. If you buy a pair of quality welding gloves, they will be unharmed by electricity and heat. Under severe working conditions, welding gloves usually last up to a year, i.e. 12 months.


You have gone through a detailed guide where everything is explained in the best possible way for you.

Lincoln Electric Traditional Gloves are on the top of our list of the best welding gloves for 2023. They are super comfortable with standard length. You can use them for Stick/MIG welding projects as they are highly heat resistant.

The runner-up is Rappica MIG welding gloves. The double-reinforced leather with kevlar stitching makes them durable and robust. They have 7.5 inches-long sleeves so you can cover your arms as well. They are perfect for MIG/Stick welding, cookware, camping, grilling, and handling animals.

We hope this article helps you buy a pair of suitable welding gloves.

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