4 Best TIG Welders For Aluminum – Top Pick 2023 & Buying Guide

Best TIG Welders for Aluminum

You might have come here in search of the best TIG welders for Aluminum, haven’t you? For all hobbyists and professionals, an aluminum TIG welder is a favorite tool for welding. It is trickier to use aluminum welders than common steel welders, so you need to consider things before you jump to buy one.

When working with thin gauge aluminum, a TIG welder is needed. People also use the best MIG welders for it. TIG welders, however, provide the best precise weld and give a smoothly finished product. But they are recommended for professionals only because of their lower melting point and high conductivity.

If you are here to find the best welder for aluminum, we have compiled a list for you to choose the best TIG welder for aluminum. Production, material, prices, and uses are mentioned in this review. Read till the end and see which one will be your next favorite machine. Let us begin!

4 Best TIG welders For Aluminum – Choice of Professionals

In this guide, you will be able to encounter the welders which are best in one way or another. This review will provide the best affordable machines with high precision work out of a huge sea of products. Hope you will find your wanted product!

Comparison Table

Model  Name Input Voltage Current Range Price
Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT I Phase 110 V/220 V 120 V: 21 A. 240 V: 19 A Check Price
Lincoln Square Wave TIG Welder 200 I Phase 120 V/230 V. 10-125 A or 10-200 A Check Price
AHP AlphaTIG 203Xi I Phase 110 V/220 V. 10-150 A or 10-200 A Check Price
LOTOS TIG 200 ACDC 50/60Hz. 110 V/220 V. 10-200 A AC and DC Check Price

1. 2022 Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT Ac Dc Tig Stick Welder

Best TIG Welder for the Money


Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT

4.5 Welding Pub rating

Everlast PowerTIG 210 is the best TIG welder for aluminum so far. Many professionals, hobbyists, and fabricators chose this welding machine. It is because it is an AC TIG welder for aluminum.

IGTB technology in this welder gives smooth AC and DC welding with a standard pulse.

The corporation of digital microprocessors provides absolute control to manage the tool. It also enhances the welding quality, the precision of the settings, and production. The functions and parameters of the welding are well performed with accuracy by using an Everlast Power TIG.

There are 3 waveforms: square, soft square, and triangular waves. They control aluminum welding by activating AC advanced pulse. The capacity to weld more than 1/2” makes this tool a good TIG welder for aluminum. You can also program the memory functions, and adjust the frequency and AC balance of these welders.

Two pulse modes are a plus. You can switch to standard and advanced pulse from time to time. This control gives you high penetration on a thick aluminum foil.

Everlast TIG Welder comes with a warranty of 5 years with one buy. It is quite affordable and works precisely for a long time if handled with care and protection.

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT

Pros & Cons


  • Two Pulse Modes
  • Programmable Memory
  • 3 Waveforms
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Heavy Duty start


  • Not recommended for a beginner


  • Made in Canada
  • 60 Pounds Weight
  • Process Type: AC DC TIG welding
  • Dimensions: 24” × 9” × 17”
  • Model: TIG 210 EXT
  • Foot Pedal
  • Work Clamp 10 Feet
  • Input: 110/220V
  • HF (high frequency): Yes

02. Lincoln Electric Square Wave 200 TIG Welder

Best TIG Welder for Professionals


Square Wave TIG Welder

4.3 Welding Pub rating

If you are searching for a multipurpose welder this one for you. Lincoln Electric Square TIG 200 can weld aluminum, steel, and other metals.

It is, in fact, a perfect choice for a crafter, fabricator, and hobbyist. Less weight (46 Pounds) makes it a valuable TIG welder. The user-friendly interface is another attribute professionals choose this tool for.

Lincoln Electric Square TIG welder has a user-friendly interface. You can plug it into 120 volts or 230 volts and start welding. It provides adjustable AC frequency, which ultimately controls the welding bead. This adjustment leads to precise, smooth, and clean welding on aluminum or any metal. You can acquire optimal penetration if you use this AC TIG welder for aluminum.

The pulse mode of this aluminum TIG welder has a high frequency. The range of the pulse is 0.1-20 pulses per second approximately. A gas regulator or a flow meter with a 10 feet hose kit. There is a ground clamp and cable available with the welder.

The Lincoln aluminum TIG welder works on square waves. It allows you to grow your welding skills with a little effort quickly. Dual voltage and foot-operated current controls are the machine’s best traits. The welder is an expensive tool of a reputed and reliable brand but comes with a three years warranty.

Square Wave TIG Welder

Pros & Cons


  • Dual Voltage 120/230 Volt
  • Square Wave Form
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Dual Welder
  • Multifunction (can be used for a lot of metals)


  • Expensive
  • Complex adjustment


  • Process Type: AC/DC TIG and Stick welding machine
  • 46 Pounds Weight
  • Model: Square Wave TIG 200
  • Input: I Phase 120/230 Volt
  • Dimensions: 14” × 10.75” × 19.25″
  • Foot Amptrol 25 feet
  • Gas Regulator
  • Ground Clamp
  • High Frequency: Yes

03. AHP AlphaTIG 203Xi 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

Best Features for the Price Ratio


AHP AlphaTIG 203Xi

4.6 Welding Pub rating

This TIG welder for aluminum has a completely controlled LCD screen with a rotating head and a 9/17 torch.

The third to come in the list of the best TIG welder for aluminum is AHP Alpha 200X. This welder is not very costly and best for beginners and hobbyists that’s why every prefers to buy it.

Alpha AHP is one the biggest brands they make the best welding machine for aluminum with adjustable frequency. It also features AC balance settings, high penetration capability, an arc cone, etching width, and smooth welding. The 2T/4T functions use IGTB technology to enhance pulse modulation.

AHP AlphaTIG 201 Xi

The PMW (Pulse Width Modulation) with Advanced Inverter Technology gives a high-frequency start. You can control the current with a foot pedal controller in this machine. This welder can penetrate up to ¼” aluminum and ⅜” on steel, making it the best aluminum TIG welder. It comes with three years of warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Best for beginners and fabricators
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Foot Pedal Controller
  • 9 Feet Stick Welder
  • Pulse frequency 0.5-200 Hz


  • Ground Clamp is delicate


  • Process Type: AC & DC TIC and Stick Welding machine
  • 67 Pounds Weight
  • Model: Alpha TIG 200X
  • Input: I Phase 110/220 Volt
  • Dimensions: 30″ × 12″ × 24.5″
  • Nova Foot Pedal
  • Argon Regulator
  • Ground clamp up to 6 feet
  • High Frequency: Yes

04. LOTOS TIG200 AC/DC 200A Aluminum TIG Welder

Best time-tested TIG Welder



4.3 Welding Pub rating

LOTOS TIG 200 AC/DC gives you the facility to weld with AC and DC. For welding steel (carbon and stainless) you can use DC while for Aluminum and alloys, you can use AC.

This locomotion of AC and DC allows this welder to get a place in the tray of the best welder for aluminum.

The square wave inverter gives perfect weld with simple controls of amperes, pre-flow, post-flow, etc. These controls give you the ownership to set the aluminum welder precisely. LOTOS TIG 200 can weld mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and some other metals.

An industrial welder is in your hands if you buy this TIG welder. Its features include foot pedal control, high frequency starts for TIG, dual voltage, and stick welding electrode. The disadvantage of this AC TIG welder for aluminum is that it only has a limited time span of 1 year.


Pros & Cons


  • Can Weld Many Metals
  • TIG Torch TT 132
  • Manual Functions for Owners
  • 60 to 100% Duty Cycle


  • Complex Controls


  • Process Type: AC & DC TIG and Stick Welding Machine
  • 58 Pounds Weight
  • Model: LOTOS TIG 200 AC/DC
  • Input: 110/220 Volt
  • Dimensions: 28″ × 13″ × 17″
  • Foot Pedal FP23
  • TIG torch with 2 Collets and Shield Cup
  • High Frequency: Yes

Buying Guide For TIG Welders

A proper guide is necessary when you are going to buy anything worth your money. Following some tips can make it easy to pick the best TIG welder for aluminum in a long list. So, how to choose the best one? Let’s know!

Before Jumping to Buy A TIG Welder, know the features of every welder. Welding is not for everyone and without skill and welding safety equipment you can harm yourself and the machine. In which the main and most protective thing is the best welding helmet. So you should choose it carefully, understand some tactics, and buy your favorite tools.

Things to Consider Before Buying


Know beforehand what you want a TIG welder for. Are you searching for a tool for home welding, are you a professional, or are you just a hobbyist? If you do not know the aim of your purchase, it will be difficult for you to buy a welder.


Remember to cut your coat according to your cloth. Do not hastily make a purchase you can not afford. If you really need a TIG welder for aluminum, choose the one that suits your budget.

What do you want to weld?

Not all machines can weld all types of metals. You should consider what you want to weld. It can be steel, aluminum, metal alloy, or any other metal. If you do not know what you will weld you may buy the wrong TIG welder. It’s a chance that you have to weld steel, but you bought a machine that can only weld aluminum. So, beware!

Duty Cycle of the Welder

Duty cycle means how much time a machine can work without heating. Commonly, machines have a 10 minutes cycle. It depends on the type of welding you do. If there is a machine that can continuously work for 3 minutes, it will require the next 7 minutes to cool down to process again. Knowing the duty cycle of a tool you are going to purchase will lead to you buying the TIG welder.


Many welding machines are heavy, so they can not be dragged around. If you are a professional, and you have to carry your tool around you need to consider this factor. Always choose a portable welder. You can easily carry a 40-50 pound machine anywhere.


Do not buy a machine that has no warranty or has less warranty. It is just a waste of your money to buy one. If you have made a choice, ask the suppliers about the warranty before making a quick purchase. It will save you money and the tool you choose with a warranty will be by your side for a long time.

FAQs about TIG Welders for Aluminum

Yes but only if it is not working to be done in the open air. It is because the air rushing past you will disturb the shielding gas of the machine. It can work but will not be a smooth and precise finish.

This depends on the supplied current to the machine. For 150 amperes an air-cooled torch is used while for higher current supply like more than 150 amperes, water-cooled torches are used.

NO. Aluminum TIG welding requires AC. No machine with DC can be operated on an aluminum sheet.

TIG welding is multi-process. It can weld not only aluminum but stainless steel, carbonated steel, metal alloys, and other metals. It provides clean and smooth welding to many products used in industries. Thin metals can also be welded using TIG machines.


A list of the best TIG welders for aluminum has been discussed with features, pros, cons, and specifications. The FAQ section is there to help you find your query about the machine. There are a lot of brands selling welding machines for both low and high costs. You should pick the product that is branded, has a warranty, and is not very expensive. To decide which one is the best TIG welder for aluminum, compare the products and your requirements. Do not always go for the popularity of a brand but for your need.

Hope after reading this article you will be able to buy the best aluminum welder this time!

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