Best Multi Process Welder 2023 – MIG, TIG, Stick with Buying Guide

Best Multi Process Welder

Do you want to use the same machine to rapidly swap MIG, TIG, and stick welding? It would be best to have a TIG welder for the stainless steel and a MIG welder for thin sheets. If so, then you are looking for a best multi process welder.

For the modern workshop or enthusiast who wants some variety at a moderate cost, multi-purpose welders are a fantastic option. Besides, a stick welder for messy work outside would be good. Your space, money, and labour are all saved with the best multi purpose welders. They accomplish welding tasks by integrating several welding techniques into a solitary compartment.

Knowing where to begin might be challenging with over 100 variations of everlast multi-process welders. All multi-process welders cost a lot of money, but not all are worth it. Some multi-process welders listed below are worth looking at. So, to avoid wasting your cash, thoroughly consider the characteristics before electing one that will meet your conditions.

Top 6 Best Multi Process Welders 2023

It’s a challenging task to find a best multi process welder among hundreds of available options. We have curated a list of top 6 multi-process welders that are worth buying and we are assure you that you will find one that best suits your requirements . Give it a read before buying!

Comparison Table

Image  Name Weight Input Voltage Price
Everlast PowerMTS 211Si ‎80 pounds 120/240V Dual Volt Check Price
ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic ‎59 pounds 120/230V Dual Volt Check Price
Hobart 500578 Multi-Handler ‎38.4 pounds 120/240V Dual Volt Check Price
Eastwood Elite 200 Amp ‎143 pounds 120/230V Dual Volt Check Price
Forney Easy Weld 140 MP ‎25.81 Pounds 120 Volts Check Price
YESWELDER CT2050 Wide Voltage 61 pounds 96/265V Dual Volt Check Price

01. The Everlast PowerMTS MIG/TIG/Stick Welder

Best Multi Process Welder


Everlast PowerMTS 211Si

4.5 Welding Pub rating

The PowerMac 211SI is the best multi function welder. It has a synergic capacity that offers speedy setup and use of the welder.

A manual override is always an option when using the Everlast PowerMTS welder in Synergic mode, allowing the operator to fine-tune the settings to meet their needs. The environment is entirely under the hands of the operator, and the unit also includes a typical MIG welding mode.

For those that require it, the welder also has a synergic spool gun mode. The programming and panel have been created so the operator can control all the features without navigating through challenging menus or removing the cover. You can see how simple everything is to use and connect in the best multi process welder. TIG torch and NOVA foot pedal are joined at the front.

To weld TIG, no technical modifications or tools are required. Gas flow is automatically controlled and programmable on the panel for pre-flow and post-flow operation, so the TIG torch does not need a manual gas valve. The PowerMac is the best MIG welder, sold primarily as a MIG with a stick, while TIG is included as an afterthought.

The multi-process welder PowerMTS 211Si is built to deliver exceptional performance and convenience. The device also has strong TIG capabilities, including an industry first for high-frequency arc initiation.

Everlast multi-process welders have a touchless TIG start for optimal weld quality in the small Multi-process industry. If you work in a location electronically sensitive to high Frequency, the unit still has a lift start feature.

2021 Everlast PowerMTS 211Si Welder

The best welding machines are highly portable and last long. You will get all the accessories for MIG/TIG and Stick welding. Adding Hot Start length and intensity controls in this best 3-in-1 welder have improved Stick mode functionality. This makes the 175 amp Stick mode particularly capable of handling up to ⅛ inches of welding rods when combined with the arc force control.

Pros & Cons


  • Lift start for sensitive work environments
  • Friendly feature panel
  • Arc, MIG, and TIG controllers
  • Extra accessories included
  • Regulator and adapter available


  • Not for aluminum welding


  • DC CC/CV inverter
  • 80 Pounds Weight
  • 8 inches wire spool
  • Adjustable MIG, ARC, TIG, Burn Back Control
  • 9-channel memory function
  • Lift start modes for TIG
  • 2T/4T torch
  • Adjustable post & pre-flow for MIG & TIG
  • Work clamp with 3m cable
  • NOVA Foot Pedal for TIG
  • Maximum ⅛ inches electrode

02. ESAB Rebel 205ic AC/DC Welding Machine

Best Industrial featured welder


ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic

4.3 Welding Pub rating

The best all-in-one welder, Rebel 205 is the first portable, all-process machine ever created. It can do MIG, MMA, Flux-Cored, and AC/DC TIG welds.

ESAB Rebel is a well-known company of welding products and they manufacture good welding equipment, such as the best welding helmets, welding machines, etc. Rebel 205 is today’s most mobile, durable, go-anywhere welding industrial solution. This welder performs excellently in industrial applications for MIG/TIG/Flux-Cored, and MMA (with 6010 electrodes).

Rebel has high-frequency starts; the frequency adjustment is up to 400 Hz. The expanded balance offset control and dual current is examples of advanced AC TIG features. DC TIG also provides a pulse mode of 500 Hz in this best multi-function welder. The intelligent MIG feature supplies a stable arc and repeatable welds.

MIG continuously learns from and adapts to the operator’s welding technique. This technology increases productivity for experienced welders and shortens the learning curve for new welders. It makes it the best beginner multi-process welder in the industry. The welding machine has a 25.5 kg weight which makes it highly portable. It can do any job around the shop or outside on the job site.

Rebel is the best combo welder loaded with features. It has four programmable memory locations for each process, trim adjustment, multi-language selection, inductance control, spot welding setting, and pre/post flow control. The two operating modes: Basic and Advanced, make welding simple for newcomers or allow more experienced welders to fine-tune settings.

The welding machine has an impressive 109 mm color display, which uses the same thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD technology as tablets and other intelligent devices for the brightest clarity. It is the best multi-purpose welder with a high degree of control.

A built-in user handbook with images and text is also included in Rebel’s control display to assist in setting up the welding process.

ESAB Rebel 205ic Welding Machine

Pros & Cons


  • Accurate controls
  • Easy tune setting
  • Neat, smooth, and stable welds
  • Best choice for professionals


  • Need separate settings for every function
  • No reference chart


  • MIG, Stick, Flux-Core, and AC/DC TIG
  • 59 Pounds Weight
  • Power source with 3 m main cable
  • XML 201 MIG torch 3m
  • SR-B 26 TIG torch
  • TFT Multilingual display
  • Three ceramic nozzles & gold tungstens
  • Thickness gauge tool
  • AC wave & frequency control
  • Gas hose

03. Hobart Handler 200 Multi-Process Welder

Best Features for Price Ratio


Hobart 500578 Multi-Handler

4.5 Welding Pub rating

This best multi process welder is a single device that performs MIG, Stick, Flux cored, and DC TIG processes.

The adaptable welder is designed to handle a wide range of tasks. It can weld materials up to ⅜ inches with neatness, smoothness, and perfection. The machine is dual voltage. It allows you to choose between 120 V or 240 V input voltage.

Hobart Handler’s versatility makes it the best multi process welder. This single machine can do DC TIG, MIG, and stick operations. Setting up or switching over this machine is simple, requiring only two knobs and a procedure button. It enables you to connect to standard 120/240-volt power outlets without needing any tools. All you have to do is select the plug corresponding to the outlet.

With the Multi-Handler 200, you can enjoy effortless, streak-free beginnings. It is the best beginner multi-process welder. Before arc initiation, the run-in feature reduces the wire feed speed, enhancing arc beginnings. This welding machine is the best combo welder with excellent performance and durable wire feed.

Carrying this multi-process machine from job to job is simple because it only weighs 39 lbs. The warranty periods are three years for generators, drive systems, and PC boards, five years for transformers, rectifiers, and stabilizers, and one year for firearms, i.e., MIG/TIG and plasma torches.

This is the best multi process welder, ideal for fabricators who need dual voltages and multiple functions.

Hobart Handler 200 Multi-Process Welder

A spool gun supplied separately can weld steel, aluminum, and any conductive metal. It is an all-in-one welder machine with several process capabilities. The Multi-Handler gives you the versatility to take on a variety of jobs. It can MIG, TIG, and stick-weld materials up to 3/8 inches thick. The setup is made simple by the color LCD. You need to connect the proper process accessories.

Pros & Cons


  • For all industrial interests
  • Contact tips
  • Best for most metals
  • Quick set drive control
  • Foot Control


  • No safety equipment. included


  • Multi-voltage plug
  • 38.4 Pounds Weight
  • MIG, flux-cored, DC TIG/Stick welding
  • Quick set drive roll
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Built-in gas solenoid
  • Input: 120/240 volts
  • TIG accessory kit with nozzles, collet, and tungsten electrode
  • Dinse-style connector

04. Eastwood Elite Multi-Process 200i Welding Machine

Best Welder for Professionals


Eastwood Elite 200 Amp

4.4 Welding Pub rating

Welders with an MP200i Eastwood welder can produce metal in their home shop like a pro. The Eastwood Elite series is the best multi process welder intended to perform all tasks.

Eastwood multi process welder comprises professional-grade MIG/TIG and sticks welding torches that use standard consumables. Flux core welding without wire is also an option in this welding machine.

The capabilities and characteristics of each of these processes are the same as those found in a standalone welder, so they are not just stripped-down torches. The 200-amp output is sufficient to weld steel up to 3/8″ thick, and an Eastwood Spool Gun can also be used to weld aluminum. This best 3-in-1 welder contains knobs that may be adjusted indefinitely.

Modern IGBT inverter technology generates the most stable arc and enables precise and straightforward welding of steel that is thin or heavy gauge. Up to 3/8″ thick steel may be welded with a powerful 200 amp maximum welding output. A built-in Spot Weld Timer function enables precise welds on vehicle restoration jobs. This is the best combo welder you can buy at a moderate price.

Elite 200i has digital displays, a powerful wire feed motor, and an integrated spot weld timer. The weight of the welder is only 34 pounds which is perfect for portability with IGBT inverter technology. A complete supply kit will give you a shielding gas hose, gas nozzles, ray tungsten, and welding rods. These best multi process welders include a 3-year warranty and lifelong technical support.

Pros & Cons


  • Auto-heat control
  • Color LCD for better understanding
  • Compatible assembly
  • Tuning controls
  • Lifelong tech support


  • Not foot pedal for TIG welding


  • MIG/TIG/Stick welding
  • 143 Pounds Weight
  • Adapter cord
  • Shielding Gas Regulator
  • Gray Tungsten
  • Latest IGBT Inverter Technology
  • Input Voltage: 120/230 volts
  • Trafimet ERGO PLUS 24
  • Tweco-style MIG Torch
  • Gas nozzles (1/4″)

05. Forney Easy Weld 140 Multi-Process Welder

Best Beginner Multi Process Welder


Forney Easy Weld 140 MP

4.7 Welding Pub rating

The MIG/DC TIG and Stick welding processes are three functions that the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Multi Process machine performs. It uses welding rods up to 1/8 inch in diameter and can weld up to 1/4 inch.

This welder can operate with or without gas, depending on the MIG wire type chosen. But If you want the best shielding gas for your other welders, check out our blog section. It is the best cheap multi-process welder at an affordable price. This tiny multi-function machine is also known as the best welder for beginners, hobbyists, and professional welders.

Forney Easy Weld 140MP has a maximum rated power of 140 amps and can join mild steel up to a thickness of 1/4″ or even 1/2″ when using gasless wire. This is the best multi process welder for the money that can be used to weld thinner stock at the low end. You can use the electricity provided for little home projects, but you shouldn’t use it for large steel structures.

The use of inverter technology is one of the key benefits. The most recent technology makes it a lightweight, portable device powered by a generator. Generating electricity is a great alternative when repairing farm equipment or working at a remote job site. Although the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is a lightweight machine, it is still a reliable and the best multi purpose welder.

Easy Weld 140MP is a MIG/TIG/Stick machine, but you have to buy TIG equipment separately. TIG torch is typically absent from inexpensive multi-purpose devices. The rest of the kit, however, is valuable because it includes all accessories you need to get started welding. You might want to replace the short leads and relatively subpar ground clamp in this welder.

A rugged metal case safeguards the internal components. A 1-year warranty only covers the welding machine, so you should not perform any tests on it. One of the factors that helped this best multi function welder land on our list is favorable reviews.

Many beginner welders and professionals have claimed that they produced the finest welds quickly with this 3-in-1 welder.

Forney Easy Weld 140 Multi-Process Welder

Pros & Cons


  • 3-in-1 MP machine
  • Best for hobbyists and metal artists
  • Budget Friendly
  • Tweco-style contact tip


  • No foot pedal function
  • Not best for TIG aluminum welding


  • Infinite voltage control
  • 25.81 Pounds Weight
  • Wire feed speed control
  • ¼ inches plate thickness
  • ⅛ inches stick electrode
  • 10 inches MIG gun
  • 20A – 15A adapter
  • MIG Wire for mild steel
  • 9V TIG torch
  • 2% Thoriated tungsten electrode

06. YesWelder CT2050 7-in-1 Welding Machine

Time-Tested Multi Process Welder


YESWELDER CT2050 Wide Voltage

4.3 Welding Pub rating

YesWelder CT2050 is the best budget, multi-process welder. It has numerous advantages, including a broader input voltage range and energy savings.

The welder uses a 96-265V voltage. It maximizes real power from the grid supply and decreases energy and inefficiency. It aids in lowering energy consumption and expenses while welding performance is stabilized for reliable results.

The welding machine uses long extension cables. It primarily ensures a consistent cutting process despite changing mains voltage. With a wide voltage range of 96V to 265V, the tool can be used on building sites worldwide. To prevent the metal workpiece from being burned, pulse for TIG offers higher heat control. Pulse TIG welding is a simple approach to producing a clean and smooth weld.

It facilitates the removal and disintegration of the aluminum’s oxide layer and produces a smooth, flowing weld puddle. Smart Set simplifies welding in the best multi-welder. Choose the welding angle and the thickness of the aluminum, and the machine will suggest the best settings. Beginners will find it incredibly user-friendly, especially for complicated welding of aluminum sheets.

The pedal remote and welding torch remote control are available in the foot pedal torch operation mode. Due to the CT2050’s integrated compressor, it is simple to use for a variety of outdoor projects.

It uses a non-touch pilot arc for smoothly cutting uneven, corroded, and painted surfaces. It enables cutting to begin before the electrode makes contact with the metal surface, producing a flat cut surface.

YESWELDER CT2050 Wide Voltage Welding Machine

Non-High Frequency exploits the “blows back” effect of air pressure. This start is interference-free and safe for everyday use. It is also friendly to the nearby electrical machinery and people’s health. In auto repair and construction, it works well for obtaining precise cuts that are unachievable with a hand-held welder. When the welder is on, the VRD features will work.

Pros & Cons


  • 7 in 1 options
  • Rapid shuffle
  • Worldwide operation
  • High efficiency
  • Smart AC control


  • Foot pedal not available


  • Air TIG for aluminum welding
  • 61 Pounds Weight
  • Pulse TIG for irregular welding
  • Non-touch pilot arc
  • Embedded air compressor
  • PFC Technology
  • Input: 96/265 volts
  • Remote control
  • No high-frequency start
  • AC/DC Pulse TIG/Stick and Plasma Cutting

Keep in mind while Buying the Best Multi Process welder

Multi-purpose welders are fantastic for those who weld using various techniques and prefer the convenience and cost of a single machine to do everything. The principal function, quality of the welder, material consumption, and budget are the key factors to consider when buying the best multi-purpose welder.

  • Type of Material

The best multi-purpose welder to purchase depends on the sort of material you are going to weld. With the proper consumables and settings, most high-quality welding machines will produce acceptable welds for steel and stainless steel tasks.

Compared to the general capabilities of machines, the ability to weld aluminum is more specialized and requires a more careful selection. Equipment with AC and DC capabilities is instructed for TIG welding the aluminum, as aluminum cannot be welded using a standard DC-output welder.

TIG pulse functionality is beneficial for different types of welding metal. The maximum plate thickness you may weld will depend on the amperage range of the best multi-function welder. There is no need to purchase a welder with a wide amperage range if you are only welding spare parts.

  • Quality

The best all-in-one welder generally has a prolonged warranty duration, making it easy to identify. However, you should read the small print carefully to be sure there are no secret provisions like there are often exclusions for torches, leads, etc., which have much shorter warranties.

Long-warranty combination welders are more expensive, but they will save you a lot of money in the long run. The best multi process welder will be more profitable because you won’t need to repair or replace it constantly: with less downtime and no repair expenses.

Torches sold aftermarket are also a smart purchase. They offer a range of longer leads and considerably higher quality than stock torches. Besides, we advise you to stay with a reputable and renowned brand because you can be sure that they’ll be in business long enough to honour the quality of welding machines.

  • Functions

Although you may purchase the best multi-process welder, you will primarily use it for one welding process, with occasional use for other things. It’s sensible to use a welder that excels at the primary process. Because of welding technology, virtually any procedure can be powered by a welding power source.

Compared to the best multi process welder for the money, less expensive machines have two processes and minimal parameters, while high-end appliances offer every process. They have several settings as well. The welding procedures which are essential for you should be chosen.

To reduce costs, each producer will prioritize a particular type of welding. Make sure the machine’s primary purpose aligns with your preferences. Purchasing a good plasma cutter individually might be more comfortable if you do not cut frequently than getting an MP welder with TIG/MIG and stick.

  • Budget

What welder you can or cannot buy ultimately relies on your budget. The best multi-purpose welder already joins several processes into one box to save you money. Selecting one to buy might be challenging due to the wide range of prices. Lower prices frequently implicate lower quality, which might result in long-term financial loss. Long-warranty multi-process welders are more expensive. Choose wisely.

  • Benefits

Using the best beginner multi-process welder has additional advantages, such as allowing you to complete more projects at your workshop or on the job site than you might have been otherwise. Buying one machine as opposed to multiple devices can help you save money.

Therefore, the main benefits of combination welders are their variety in performing multiple tasks. They are convenient, can use one welding unit rather than many, and are also space-saving. It’s always a good idea to consider how much more expensive it would be to purchase each machine separately when you see a costly multi-process welder.

FAQs about Best Multi Process Welder

A welding device that can handle up to 4 separate welding processes is known as a multi-process welder. You can perform MIG, TIG, Stick, MMA, and Flux core operations with a single welder. By eliminating the need to purchase multiple machines, the best multi-process welder makes it simpler for a workshop to manage numerous operations simultaneously. It can also make room in a confined workspace.

Various advantages will make you choose a multi-process welder.

  • Immediate labor savings from numerous processes.
  • Saving space by combining several machines.
  • Less expensive than buying several machines with different functions.

The best multi-process welding machines are with one primary and backup device that still costs less than a complete set of specialist machines.

The best multi-process welders offer many benefits, but they also have certain disadvantages. Your best MIG/TIG welder might not have an AC TIG welding mode to start. Even while most welders don’t weld fine aluminum, it can be a problem if you require it.

Confirming that the welder you choose could handle the welding you need would be best. Changeover time is also needed when switching multi-process welding equipment from one operation to another. That entails switching welding supplies, such as shielding gas, unplugging or rewiring other devices, etc.


You have gone through the best multi process welder reviews. However, you might discover that some mid-range, best-budget multi-process welders take a little more work when transferring between operations than you would need.

Our top pick for the best welders in 2023 is YesWelder CT2050. You can see that it is providing 7 in 1 functions and is versatile. It has intelligent AC controls which provide high performance in welds. Also, it is the best budget multi-process welder having advantages like a broader input voltage range and energy savings.

Everlast PowerMac 211SI is runner-up in our list of the best multi-function welders. The synergic capacity, quick setup, and easy use of the welder make it take this place. It has the benefits of manual override and fine-tuning in settings to meet the welder’s needs. With high performance, this welder can handle up to ⅛ inches of welding rods.

After reading this guide, we hope that choosing the best combo welder will be a less hectic task for you now.

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